There’s a girl,
and she walks on the shores of everyone’s mind
with shimmering eyes and silken lips.
She opens her arms and from her chest,
a million birds fly out.

There’s a boy,
and he lies deep within everyone’s mind
with matted hair and coarse skin.
He opens his arms and from his chest,
a billion stars explode.



you told me, keep it secret.
and when it’s time to tattle,
you’ll tell all through the hole of a silver locket.

was it a tail or a tale that bore these dreams?
wagged them, or spoke them?

every hair on you tells a story.
each word is a painting.

and i drew trees all over you.
their roots at your feet, the trunks, strong and thick along your back.
the branches were your arms, and i told everyone that when you touched your toes,
we started life anew.


There’s a girl.
There’s a boy.

their eyes are open.

art block?

it sucks balls to say this, but artmaking has come to a screeching halt and i’m not exactly even sure why. I’ve got to get motivated. any ideas?

i can’t seem to find an adequate environment in which to work. home definitely doesnt work, and school is full of too many interesting people, and the night i want to stay and work, guess what? i’m WORKING!

anyhow, just tossing this out there. if there are any ideas or insights into how i might get my act together, please share.


so it looks like i’ve jumped on this one. it just seems like a good opportunity to start networking and really get my art out there before i get a website up. i feel like this is a lot more personal anyways. it’s a closer insight into a mind than what a portfolio website can offer, so i intend to make it exactly that.

but before i do, it’s time for some info. illus. finals to be drawn *dry heave*