Yep…i need money…so….
Prices start at 15 dollars, depends on the amount of detail, but I’ll send you the digital file, or even get it printed for you and mail it to you if you like! I’ll pay the shipping.
So feel free to contact me!
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Speed Painting Studies

I’ve decided just drawing Portraits isn’t even remotely enough. So I’ve started a new series I’ll also be working on, probably flip-flopping between these, the ty and carson assignments and the portraits. I plan to start doing full body studies soon, which likely means I’ll break my 2 hour rule.
Anyhow, all of these were completed in either an hour or 2 hours today…I guess it’s yesterday now….anyhow, here they are!
This first one is a building study. Just trying to get a better feel for architecture, I feel it’s a weak point for me, so I figure I should paint more of what scares me. So here it is:
The second is some kind of flower….I’m not sure what their name is, but I’ve started using more and more custom brushes in my work, which I find makes my job much easier. I should start using them more often!
The third is a copper helmet. I’m not sure what period it’d be from, it was mainly to try and show form and shape and texture while using different colours. It kind of looks like it’s oxidized. Mostly done with a single custom brush.
–edit–(Tuesday, July 28th)
Here’s another one! I’m trying to tackle all of the things that intimidate me. Landscapes are one of them, so here’s my landscape!
–edit–(wednesday, July 29th)
Next I decided to do a street view. Started it last night, finished it today. I’m really happy with how this one turned out!

First Week Challenge – Carson

I actually had a hard time picking a Mythological Creature. I flip-flopped between European myth and Chinese myth and eventually picked the Manticore practically randomly. I’m not exactly sure why he’s floating above a fireball. I remember thinking it would be interesting to do this with a flat designed background. Somehow I ended up in the middle. I like it though : )

No W.I.P this time. But I’ll be sure to make one next time!

Ty and Carson Assignment 1: Mythical Creature

I decided to start giving myself and my friend Tyleen assignments to do. This was our first, make a mythical creature. At first I wanted to do something traditionally Chinese, but I found myself being extremely indecisive about what to illustrate. At one point, I was debating doing Ox-Head and Horse-Face, the two guards of the gates of hell, but somehow, I ended up doing a Manticore.
I forget what the next assignment is. I’m hoping she’ll tell me tomorrow. This one was my pick, it’s her turn now.
So these images from this series can now be found here
Bye everyone!
PS: more portraits to come

Speed Painting Portraits!!

I woke up this morning and decided to draw Adam screaming.
it turned out really well, I tried to instill a couple rules for myself, mainly not begging bogged down on details and an absolute 2 hour limit, and this is what I came up with. I’m pretty happy with this, I’m going to do more of different people, different skin tones, different expressions, etc.
Should be fun!!
–edit– (Tuesday, July 14th)
Okay, so here’s another one!
Again, this one adheres to my 2 hour limit, I finished this one with 15 minutes to spare. More to come!!! I plan to do at least one daily.
–edit–(Wednesday, Jult 15th)
aannnnd another!!!
This one took a bit longer. I clocked in at about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
–edit–(Thursday, July 16th)
One more, this one I’m not as pleased with…I was being too careful, and for that reason I made bad use of my 2 hour allotted time limit. I still like it though. I’ll get better at this!
anyhow, picture!:
Still sticking to one daily, but I might try and do one more tonight.
–edit–(Saturday, July 18th)
so i ended up taking a break yesterday. the one I started on Thursday night turned out like so:
i concentrated more on the hair for this one, and I think I’m getting better at this! more to come…
–edit–(Wednesday, July 22nd)
Here’s the Sixth of the series, This time with an Asian subject, side profile view and a but more of a background. I have a feeling this series is slowly evolving.
Anyhow, here it is: