Goodbye and Tanks for Everything

hah i’m so corny. thanks, tanks,…okay moving right along,


and i’m super excited. I already had a great weekend to start it off, and now i’m ready to work my ass off at work every day, but also, to draw as much as is humanly possible. so if you’re a viewer of mine, it may get annoying, but i’m going to post it allll,…the idea is this:

i’m looking to develop a new style of drawing, and the hope is that these drawings will encompass my work for the following semester.

the only way i see that being possible is if i draw mountains of drawings. SOOOO here come the mountains, guys. but until they really start coming, here’s that tank drawing again. but finished this time.
I hope you like it, and i definitely hope everyone has an awesome christmas. here’s to a great holiday. Merry Christmas, guys.