Speed Painting Studies

I’ve decided just drawing Portraits isn’t even remotely enough. So I’ve started a new series I’ll also be working on, probably flip-flopping between these, the ty and carson assignments and the portraits. I plan to start doing full body studies soon, which likely means I’ll break my 2 hour rule.
Anyhow, all of these were completed in either an hour or 2 hours today…I guess it’s yesterday now….anyhow, here they are!
This first one is a building study. Just trying to get a better feel for architecture, I feel it’s a weak point for me, so I figure I should paint more of what scares me. So here it is:
The second is some kind of flower….I’m not sure what their name is, but I’ve started using more and more custom brushes in my work, which I find makes my job much easier. I should start using them more often!
The third is a copper helmet. I’m not sure what period it’d be from, it was mainly to try and show form and shape and texture while using different colours. It kind of looks like it’s oxidized. Mostly done with a single custom brush.
–edit–(Tuesday, July 28th)
Here’s another one! I’m trying to tackle all of the things that intimidate me. Landscapes are one of them, so here’s my landscape!
–edit–(wednesday, July 29th)
Next I decided to do a street view. Started it last night, finished it today. I’m really happy with how this one turned out!