FanExpo 2009

So….this is really late…Fan expo happened August 25th to 28th
and my new T-Shirts:
sold famously!! In fact, they’re all sold out! I’ve got to make more! Which brings me to another matter of news: SILK SCREEN IS UP AND RUNNING! so I should have some new limited edition tees out soon.
Back to FanExpo…I also made a whole bunch of these limited edition Lino Block Prints:
I still have some left, so if anyone would like one, please let me know each one is signed, numbered, and stamped! The Lino Block broke after I made these, so it’s literally the last of them…EVER! So get them while they still exist!
lastly, here are some doodles from FanExpo to go along with my doodles from Anime North 2009:

That’s all! finally uploaded! and once more, Happy Holidays!