This sort of happened one day.

It started out as just a random doodle to pass some time, and slowly evolved into what you see now. I LIKE IT!!! maybe I’ll do more!

T-shirt update:
The glass on my light-box broke : ( so I need to go out and buy some glass next week and cut it to size, etc. before I can make any new designs into t-shirts (ie. Glass Half Full/Empty, CatFight, Bar Fight). I’ll likely update you guys next week about that!

THANKS FOR READING! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

PS: this should be self-explanatory, but this image, along with everything else on this blog and featured on are Copyright Carson Wong 2010 and cannot be used for ANYTHING or displayed anywhere without my permission and express consent. If you guys see my stuff up somewhere that doesn’t belong to me, please let me know!