So I’ve decided to just start painting really quick random paintings. As usual, I’ve given myself some rules. The main one being a 30 minute time limit. I’m sure I could do more and better in 30 minutes, but this is more just about being experimental and abstract, so although this may be the final image, i spent about 20 minutes painting something entirely different before wiping it and coming to this one…hopefully it’ll help me with my confidence when it comes to real painting!

…or it’ll cater to my short attention span!

either way, i’ll be making art, and that’s a plus!

So here it is:

The other big rule is, I want there to be a hint of a story somewhere in the image. I want people to look at these and have the cogs in their heads begin turning immediately. I find visual storytelling fascinating, and it’s something I definitely need to get better at, so hopefully these help!

I bought new shirts this week, and am working to print the new shirts for various orders this weekend. So if you’ve ordered, or are waiting for one, THEY’RE COMING SOON! and if you’ve contacted me about them, I’ll be contacting you soon to discuss shipping/meeting options, or to let you know when I’ll be able to get to making your shirt.

Also, the new designs aren’t here yet, because I’ve yet to find a glass cutter who doesn’t work the exact hours I work. SOOOOON! I promise.

That’s all guys!

aaannnd once more, this image, along with everything else on this blog and featured on are Copyright Carson Wong 2010 and cannot be used for ANYTHING or displayed anywhere without my permission and express consent. If you guys see my stuff up somewhere that doesn’t belong to me, please let me know!