Day Th-Reee

So day 3 was party day. here’s how it went down:

Woke up, took some photos of my room and outside the window, and of a funny packet of condoms the hotel leaves there. (I found out that the hotel i’m staying at is a “Love Hotel”. the kind where couples pay for single night lodgings so they can umm…talk. a lot.

With regards to posting any photos, I want to wait until I can charge my camera, so photos wont happen until next week.

Anyhow, me and Georgia (i remember her name now!) walked to school, it’s about a 20 minute walk. then, we did schooly things, the kids are really cute, today was the last day for a lot of the kids, so they got report cards and we spent most of the classes playing games. The kids had to pick a poem and make up a tune for the songs and sing them, so we had a “Red Bear Idol” (the rooms are colour coded) show, and Erica recorded it on her camera. SUUUPER cute. Devin (the guy whose students and apartment i’m taking over) bought treats for the kids to eat, the evening class got pizza! there was a pizza printed on the box advertising 2 new pizza flavours, one had calamari and shrimp on it, the other was called “Idaho Potatoe” and had some kind of sauce on it that was drawn out like a Star of David, which confused me a lot. Maybe they meant “Israel Potatoe”? at any rate, there were potatoes on it.

After that, I walked home with Devin and Georgia and we bumped into Alix on the way. Alix and me went out for dumplings at a dumpling house in the area. It’s really nice, because all day, you see them handmaking the dumplings right in front of you. We were lucky enough to share a table with a Korean guy who worked at some company in their international sales department, so his english was good, and he helped us order what we wanted.

I then rushed home after our meal to shower and meet Devin, Erica and Alix at Yatap station. From there, we stopped at a convenience store and bought beers (2 dollar beer!!!!) and went across the street from my hotel to a loft apartment owned by a friend of Devin’s. It’s AMAZING! such high ceilings and pretty furniture. NOTHING like what my future apartment will look like. He made tacos and more people showed up. We talked and sort of watched Rambo 3. At about 10, we headed down to Yatap and took the subway to Seongnam station (i think) which is 2 stops over.

We ended up in some hole-in-the-wall bar called Monkey Beach and bad news ensued. The bar plays american club music, and there were lots of americans I dont think I drank myself stupid, but beyond leaving the place with Alix at 1 am (the others stayed, apparently bars never shut down in Korea, Koreans who come to Canada always complain that there’s no night life. I think they’re correct.) I know we were going to take a cab back, but beyond that, I have NO idea how i got home, took off my shoes, got changed, locked my door and even managed to put on the chain, let alone the act of getting the cab and paying it. I’m going to ask Alix today, so I know. I feel this big urge to know rather than live with the mystery of how I got home.

So that was party night.

I woke up this morning feeling gross, I realise it’s a horrible idea to get drunk in a city where I don’t speak the language and can easily get lost. NEVER happening again. I’ll have a few drinks here and there, but that’s it for me. I want to remember my whole experience here, not have to grab a friend and ask what happened or look at facebook photos and piece the night together.

So this morning, I had a cup noodle to help settle my stomach and now, I’m at work, supposedly planning out my first day of real teaching. I should go do that.

BYE EVERYONE! only a few more days and i’ll have my own place! If you do feel an urge to mail me something, apparently it’s better to just mail it to the school address and it’ll get dropped off on my desk. so that address is:

MapleBear Bundang
1,2 Fl. Daejin Bldg.,#137-1
Imae-Dong, Bundang-Gu,
463-806 South Korea

And I guess you can just put Attn: Carson Wong on the thing. Okay! worky time!