Day Four

So day four is just coming to a close, here’s what happened:

firstly, I would like to say i’m feeling much better than i did this morning. And, apparently Alix and me left in a cab to go home and it dropped her off at her apartment and amazingly, I navigated home safely. But anyhow, I got to school, typed up my day 3 and then promptly got to lesson planning stuff for my classes.

Today was a really relaxed day, which helped a lot, given how I was feeling. I spent half of it just wandering around thinking up ideas for things and talking with the other teachers. Then, a very hung over and still kind of slightly drunk Devin stumbled into work. We just had one class today, and as per usual, the kids are insanely cute. We mostly played games, but since Devin was the way he was, I did a bit of teaching today. the kids kept mockingly repeating what I said, and Devin made them stand up with their hands on their heads, shake their hips and say “Sorry Carson”. Jaden was assigned to be the Korean Police (which means he calls out his fellow classmates if they let some korean slip out during class time) but somehow ended up being the only one repeatedly using korean.

We learnt about leaves today! and then because Gavin was tired, they had an impromptu naptime. The kids all joined in, lying down around and on Devin, using various Devin body parts as a pillow. Next, following that same theme, we played the “Lying Game” which when they said it, sounded like the “Lion Game”. but basically, it involves lying down and staying really still. If you get caugh moving, you’re out and have to get up. suffice to say, after learning the rules, Devin said, “Teacher’s playing too!”

And so it went. after class, I did more socializing. Tonight was Maple Bear Bundang’s one year anniversary! So there was a wonderfully catered dinner, with a slideshow, the owners of the school and members of a sister school and some other randoms were present. Also, a friend of the owner came in and sung a few traditional Korean songs. very interresting! I think Alix took a video, maybe she can post it on Facebook and I’ll grab the link.

I had planned to do more with my night, but Joe came by to grab me and Georgia, since Georgia would be moving into her not so shiny, but newish apartment, she had left her bags in my room. We grabbed them and moved them to her new place, and now I’m here at the internet cafe.

ta-da! my night. tomorrow is prep day and then next week, i start the teachy-teach. should be exciting! take it easy, folks, if you have time, send me updates about what’s up on your side of the world.