My Apartment

These photos have been posted on Facebook, but for those of you without it, here’s what my tiny living space looks like:
So this is my lovely Apartment. That door on the right is mine.
It’s not exactly friendly looking, in fact it kind of looks like a prison.
Down the hall, A couple of my friends live nearby. about 5 doors down is Brittney, 5 doors in the opposite direction is Alix. Directly below me is Gavin, 2 floors below me is Christine and 1 floor up is Georgia. 
This is where the cooking gets done. It’s all very magical. Actually, I need to buy more for this place. I bought a dish rack the other day, and next on my list is a new frying pan or a wok, a toaster oven and maybe a rice cooker. Maybe. Gavin has one, I might just pay a usage tax to him and buy my own rice.

That’s where the sleeping and blogging gets done. If I’m in the mood, art, photo editing and gaming happens there too.
Here’s where I can shit, shower and kick the washing machine all at once. It also needed a thorough scrubbing before I started using it, as when showering, EVERYTHING gets soaked, and you can imagine, it gets pretty gross pretty fast.
That’s all for now, I’ll be posting more photos as things progress. I’ve got an entry to finish before work and then I’ll probably post more photos soon.
On a side note, the homesickness is settling in. I got some kind words from Niosha which cheered me up some, but I’m hoping the continuous support of friends and family will help subside any feelings of sadness. As of this morning, It’s not working too well. I think I’ll do some drawing or painting tonight. It’ll clear my mind. I’ve no scanner, so If I make anything worth mentioning, it’ll most likely be photographed. 
Have a great day or evening people, Talk to you again soon.