Beijing Trip

So I went to Beijing for the Christmas break. I figured I’d just retroactively post my emails I sent home here.
Hello and Merry Christmas!
It is currently 6:46 pm in Beijing. I am staying at a Hostel called Red Lantern House which is close to (i think it’s called) BeiHai Park.
We arrived safely this afternoon, took a shuttle bus and managed to grab a taxi and are now safely settled. The hostel is providing us with free breakfast every morning and has cheap internet from 7am to 1am every day. So hopefully I can let you guys know my plans as they happen.
So far, we will be staying here until the 30th of December when we take a train to go to Xi’an. We wiull stay in Xi’an for two days and then come back here.
Aunt-Yu, I have your phone number and it sounds pretty cheap to make local calls, I can try and contact you tomorrow. We are thinking about going to the Great Wall soon, the Hostel here is offering to take us there and back and provide breakfast and lunch for 400 RMB. I forget which of the 3 parts of the wall this is, but that is the one we were thinking of going to. I was wondering if this price sounds reasonable to you or if you know of any cheaper alternatives?
Anyhow, there is a party in the main building of our hostel tonight and it starts soon, so we’re off to go to that. That’s it for now! love you all! BYEEE!!!!