Beijing Trip cont’d

So yesterday, instead of going to the great wall with the dodgy looking people, we went bike riding around the Hou Tong (i think that’s its name) area. Anyhow, it was both scary and fun. A bike rental guy offered to watch our bikes outside Bei Hai park and we went in for a walk.
Later that night, we met this amazing woman named Thelma Bauer who has been living in and out of China for 35 years, she currently is a professor in Mongolia, her ex-husband is now the chief something officer of Taiwan and she was just SO smart and had SO much to say. We also met two other travelers who teach in another city in China and come here to Beijing once a month to do some shopping. We went out for hot pot with them that night.
Today, we woke up bright and early and took the nice and safe tour which included breakfast and lunch to the Great Wall. We met a couple too who went with us. I think their names were Fabian and Elaine or Helene He’s from Austria, she’s from Paris. It was tons of fun, we walked up the stairs to the wall, and took lots of pretty photos, near the end of our trip, it started to snow which made things even more beautiful. We took the closed cable car back down and went for lunch at a restaurant in the area.
The van took us back to the hostel, and I think tonight, we’re planning on seeing a Martial Arts show. *crosses fingers* we’ll see how things go. I think Fabian and the other girl are going to join us.