Beijing Trip cont’d

Last night, we ended up meeting up with the whole gang (Myself, Gavin, Leah, Brittney, Meagan and Zach who tach in China and Fabian and (i’m positive now that her name is) Helene. We went to the Silk Market, which is basically a big building full of chinese people who speak everything from mandarin to portugese fluently and will grab you and ask you to buy their stuff.
 we spent about an hour there, I finally tracked down Craig’s christmas present, and then we went out for….MEXICAN? O_o
 There, we met up with Zach and Meagan’s other friends: Meagan, Meagan’s mom, and uhh…Asif? I forget his name. Anyhow, they all went to Drake U together.
 After a disorienting mexican dinner, we ended up on the bar street in Beijing and to a bar called Shooters. It was full of what Zach called BCDs. Bad Chinese Dancers. and he was SO right. We had some shots and it was an all around good time.
 Ahh! my time is over, so i gotta go! bye guys!