Beijing Trip cont’d


so yesterday was okay, we went to the Temple of Heaven and it was blisteringly cold.
Knowing full well that we had a Kung-Fu show to go see and NOT miss like last time, we went straight back home and ate at the hostel. Leah still wasn’t feeling well, so she went to sleep. We all got together to see the Kung Fu show, which turned out to be 90% dancing and showy bullshit and 10% real kung fu. Even then, it was Wushu, which is good to watch, i guess.
Anyhow, we decided it’s just a big lame-o tourist trap. I could tell the second we went in and saw more white people than chinese people.
we came back and finished the night doing not a whole lot.
Today, I think we’re going to the Summer Palace. I hope it’s warm there. preferably SUMMER warm, but I doubt that.
Im feeling a bit better, my nose stopped running