Beijing Trip end :(

My trip draws to a close 🙁

We went out for some really good Dim sum this morning and went to the Llama temple to see Buddha. Then, we went to the antique market to grab our stamps we had made. I also ended up buying some really nice paintings. 

Afterwards, we went to the silk market and I bought a few chinese calligraphy brushes. After spending a bit of time browsing around in the area, we went out for some dinner near by and now we’re back at the hostel.

It looks like our trip is coming to an end, and that makes me sad, because I know I’ll miss hearing and speaking a language that makes better sense to me. The food as well, I’ve really grown to hate Korean food in its bland lack of variety and flavour. 

So some news people might have missed out on:

Prior to my trip, I kinda realised how much me and my boss butt heads. We flat out do not agree with each other and after many discussions and frustrations, and constantly belittlement (at my expense) I decided enough is enough. A few days before my trip to Beijing, I sat down with my boss and told her my intentions to leave the company, since I am obviously “not good enough and not qualified enough” in her opinion. I paraphrase a little, but that’s basically what she meant to say.

Rather than stick it out for a pointless fight, I decided I’m done with Korea. I gave my 2 months notice before leaving for vacation. 

2 more months of that!!! oh well, after, I think i’ll head to hong kong. when I get back to Korea, I’ll work on getting a working visa. 

OKAY! time to pack! byebye everyone!!