There’s a girl,
and she walks on the shores of everyone’s mind
with shimmering eyes and silken lips.
She opens her arms and from her chest,
a million birds fly out.

There’s a boy,
and he lies deep within everyone’s mind
with matted hair and coarse skin.
He opens his arms and from his chest,
a billion stars explode.



you told me, keep it secret.
and when it’s time to tattle,
you’ll tell all through the hole of a silver locket.

was it a tail or a tale that bore these dreams?
wagged them, or spoke them?

every hair on you tells a story.
each word is a painting.

and i drew trees all over you.
their roots at your feet, the trunks, strong and thick along your back.
the branches were your arms, and i told everyone that when you touched your toes,
we started life anew.


There’s a girl.
There’s a boy.

their eyes are open.

2 thoughts on “Moebius

  1. These are sincere poems. They remind me of the ones I used to write when I was younger. Mad romance …

    Problem is … I’m too jaded and fucked up to write anything from the heart anymore that anyone would want to read.

    I can still appreciate your perspective though. It isn’t easy to dig in and find something within that isn’t yet dried up.

    Now go draw something.

  2. Carson, you have to change my name to Mordicus Hopkirk in your contacts section. Or else…*fist shaking*

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