Goodbye and Tanks for Everything

hah i’m so corny. thanks, tanks,…okay moving right along,


and i’m super excited. I already had a great weekend to start it off, and now i’m ready to work my ass off at work every day, but also, to draw as much as is humanly possible. so if you’re a viewer of mine, it may get annoying, but i’m going to post it allll,…the idea is this:

i’m looking to develop a new style of drawing, and the hope is that these drawings will encompass my work for the following semester.

the only way i see that being possible is if i draw mountains of drawings. SOOOO here come the mountains, guys. but until they really start coming, here’s that tank drawing again. but finished this time.
I hope you like it, and i definitely hope everyone has an awesome christmas. here’s to a great holiday. Merry Christmas, guys.

the DevilFish

My arm hurts so bad from finishing this, but it’s DONE!

i hope you like it, i really love this piece. please read the panels in order for the full effect.




hope you enjoyed it 🙂 have a great day guys. CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HEEERE!!!

Happy drawing, everyone!


Here’s a painting i did over the summer. It’s referenced from a photo, but it was a royalty free stock photo, so i’m pretty sure it’s okay. if they bother me about it, i’ll take it down. but for now, i hope you like it!

As always, Questions, Comments and Concerns are welcome


i dreamt i imagined your emotions.
put words and actions in your mouth and body.
spoke to me.
my words through your lips.

stop. don’t move.
don’t speak, or your heart will shatter.
just breathe.
listen: i took something away from us.
don’t try to find it.
i hid it in the tiger’s mouth.
in the dragon’s belly.
under the alligator’s tongue.

and if you close your eyes, you’ll forget it entirely.

so naturally, i woke.

Insane. Clearly.

okaaayyy so anyone who’s talked to me this week knows how insane i’ve been going. and it’s all thanks to a good friend called “Sleep Deprivation”. this friend was kind enough to take over my drawing hand and as a result, i’ve some insane ideas down on paper. but i won’t show them. they’re secret! i’ll show you later, i promise.

but here’s a couple random doodles:

let me know what you think, i’m slightly stressed out, but i’m super excited to be making more art tonight and with any luck, ALLLL day tomorrow! hopefully i’ll have some fresh new stuff to show off.



I figured i might as well post this, since it’s this year’s work, and i really wanna get it out there for people to see, so here it is. Hungry, by Carson Wong.

to quote the mighty Chad Covino, “Questions? Comments? Concerns?”

Girls and Guns

So i decided to draw something different for a change. i guess the change isn’t very noticeable since i’ve posted no illustrations on here yet, but here’s a first. it’s also a first of this subject matter. I’ve never really drawn girls in gas masks and big guns before. I’ve taken photos of them, but this is different. it feels kind of TankGirl-y. i dunno, you tell me what you think. it’s obviously’s a bit too tight for my liking. not in terms of linework, i drew it on the bus, this is in no way a tight line drawing, but the figures themselves seem a bit more static than i’d like them to be. this whole lack of life drawing classes thing is taking a larger toll than i imagined.

at any rate, expect more explorations. maybe i can show this to Rick on friday for an opinion? he’s honest enough that i can feel like i’ve learnt something when he talks. we’ll see. hopefully this is the beginning of lots more drawings. my blog is looking sparse.


There’s a girl,
and she walks on the shores of everyone’s mind
with shimmering eyes and silken lips.
She opens her arms and from her chest,
a million birds fly out.

There’s a boy,
and he lies deep within everyone’s mind
with matted hair and coarse skin.
He opens his arms and from his chest,
a billion stars explode.



you told me, keep it secret.
and when it’s time to tattle,
you’ll tell all through the hole of a silver locket.

was it a tail or a tale that bore these dreams?
wagged them, or spoke them?

every hair on you tells a story.
each word is a painting.

and i drew trees all over you.
their roots at your feet, the trunks, strong and thick along your back.
the branches were your arms, and i told everyone that when you touched your toes,
we started life anew.


There’s a girl.
There’s a boy.

their eyes are open.

art block?

it sucks balls to say this, but artmaking has come to a screeching halt and i’m not exactly even sure why. I’ve got to get motivated. any ideas?

i can’t seem to find an adequate environment in which to work. home definitely doesnt work, and school is full of too many interesting people, and the night i want to stay and work, guess what? i’m WORKING!

anyhow, just tossing this out there. if there are any ideas or insights into how i might get my act together, please share.